Lonestar Baseball Club

Spring 2020 Registration


Welcome to Lonestar Baseball North 2020 Spring Season Registration

 10 tournaments for the Spring (at least 9 guaranteed if weather issues occur)

 2 practices per week
Practices begin the 3rd week of January.  In the event of inclement weather, it will be the coaches’
decision to either have practice or cancel it.

 1 head coach per team and 1 assistant coach per team
In addition to developing the players at practice and coaching during games, the coaches will relay all
information regarding tournament schedules/locations and practices.


 Fundraising
Parents/Teams can fundraise to reduce cost of each individual and/or team dues. As always, we will also
hold a raffle to help reduce tuition costs for each player (Average player usually has dues reduced by
50%). The raffle will be discussed in greater detail at the parent meeting.

 Responsibilities as a parent to help your son and the coaching staff succeed

o Please stay off the field during all practices and games
o Please refrain from arguing with umpires during games
o Please do not coach your player from the sidelines/stands
o During games, please refrain from talking to the coach about playing time, field position, or spot
in the lineup. If these questions come up, please wait for 24hrs before contacting the coaches.
We use the “24hr Rule” to reduce the amount of emotion that can go into these types of
discussions. Note: the Head Coach needs to be your first point of contact for any of the above


Please direct questions to:  Alan Stefek

Email: accounting@lonestarbaseballnorth.com